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Skateboard Parkour in 8k – Streets of San Francisco!

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The AMAZING athlete featured in this video is Jose Angeles. One of the most talented people we have ever worked with by far. Go follow him right now!

Music: Queens and Kings by MALAKAI (Featuring Fingazz)
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Film by Devin Graham in 8K on the RED Helium with the Devin Graham Signature Series Glidecam.
Edit by Devin Graham using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley. [email protected]com

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Skateboard Parkour in 8k – Streets of San Francisco!

10 Things Marvel Netflix Shows Should Learn From Marvel Movies

What part from Civil War involving Black Panther, Spiderman and Iron Man should they learn from? 10 Things Marvel Netflix Shows Should Learn From Marvel Movies! Subscribe to our channel :

Marvel has spent many years and a ton of planning to create their cinematic universe. Movie plots cross, characters appear in multiple films, and stories are connected in a variety of ways. The films also stand out on their own for incredible fight scenes and memorable heroes like Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has also extended their universe into television with a variety of shows on Netflix. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Iron Fist are all connected in the same world and have a lot of positives to them. There are also many things that the shows can learn from the MCU.

This includes following the Marvel timeline and making it clear how the stories connect or when they actually take place. The shows could also improve their fight scenes to include some more compelling action like we’ve seen in films like Captain America: Civil War. Adding in some great superhero costumes can help match the iconic looks of Thor, Iron Man, or Ant-Man among others. The Netflix shows lack the great costumes we’ve seen in the MCU. The MCU often showcases different dimensions in films like Thor and Doctor Strange. It would be great to see some alternate dimensions in The Iron Fist. The story has a lot of potential to explore these worlds. The MCU has also created a lot of great love stories like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. The Netflix shows should follow suit with some more compelling love stories that will leave viewers hooked.

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Nicolas Beauchemin


The Marvel Timeline | 0:29
The Fight Scenes | 1:25
Pacing Out Stories | 2:28
Superhero Costumes | 3:29
The Transformation of Luke Cage | 4:30
Planting Seeds for the Future | 5:29
Creating Relationships & Love Stories | 6:31
Making the Heroes Likable | 7:37
Other Dimensions | 8:32
Repeating Storylines | 9:28

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