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$10 Wireless Earbuds – Bargain or Bust?

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I had no idea wireless bluetooth earbuds were this cheap. Amazing what you can get for $10 these days. These are obviously not the best headphones I’ve ever heard but for $10 there’s not a single person that won’t be happy with them. Adjusted for cost these might be the best bluetooth headphones deal of all time.

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These Earbuds Give You Super Powers (Seriously)

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This is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve looked at in a while. The IQ Buds allow you to mix digital audio from your device with your surrounding audio. The IQ Buds work with either iPhone or Android. Sound is mixed easily through an app on your phone. The effect created via this mix is a completely foreign experience. You’ve got to try these out!

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CHEAP Apple Airpods Alternatives – Do they suck??

Apple Airpods are expensive. But are they REALLY overpriced when you consider the other available options??

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