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I love meeting viewers. I have very very few negative experiences meeting you guys. You’re all so sweet! It was hard to think of these! But a lot of your moms hate me. haha!

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16 Craziest Alarm Clocks

Having trouble waking up in the morning ? From wacky puzzle alarms to the most annoying alarm clock ever; These are 16 CRAZIEST Alarm Clocks ! weird

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16. Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

15 . Alarm Clock on Wheels

14. Get Up

13. The SnuzNluz

12. Puzzle Alarm Clock

11. Throw Alarm Clock

10. Police Siren Alarm Clock
In case you’re really can’t risk waking up late in the morning, consider buying the Police Siren alarm clock. There’s really no other noise that’s going to wake you up better than the sound of a police siren going off and nothing else makes you want to get up and run as fast as possible. Some might consider it as a natural instinct to wake up and get the heck outta there as fast as possible, which is what you need to in the morning anyways.

9. Firebell Alarm Clock
Firefighters certainly face some challenges while on the job. However saving people from burning houses or a cat in a tree seems rather easy compared to waking up in the morning and any experienced firefighter will tell you this! Why not wake up the way these guys do by getting the fire bell alarm clock. This thing is extremely loud and can probably wake up the entire neighborhood but sometimes that’s what you need after a long night of drinking on a weekday.

8. Flying Alarm Clock
Imagine the kind of chaos that would be happening if you bought one. Bells are going off, things are flying around in the sky and your day hasn’t even started! Holy Fish bowl! This alarm clock fires something like mini drone looking device into the air and before you can turn off your alarm you have to catch it! We suggest that if you decide to buy this one, go ahead and buy yourself a net too so you can catch this crazy device, so you can finally get some peace and quiet!

7. Blender Alarm Clock
What noise could possibly be more alarming than an alarm clock? If you said blender, good job! This doesn’t take the shape of a typical alarm clock and is much more blender like. But this thing doesn’t make margaritas. Oh no! This thing actually has plastic beads inside to create even louder unbearable noises that will most likely make you wonder why you got the dang thing in the first place.

6. The Disco Clock
If you get 8 hours of sleep each night, you are essentially losing 1/3 of your life sleeping! How boring! Wake up in style and get ready to party with the disco alarm clock! This especially works great for those who wake up before the crack of dawn and can witness all the crazy lights go off! If you’re training to be a disco master than this the perfect item to get so you can wake up and get right to practicing!

5. The gun Alarm
Due to popular demand, this amazing alarm clock is currently out of stock. For those of you in the NRA, looking to get a little extra practice firing a handgun, this makes for an excellent way to start your day. The buzzing will go off but first you must hit the bullseye to turn it off. Imagine if an intruder broke into your home but you hadn’t practiced shooting while half awake! This will prepare you for that scenario just in case.

4. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock
Are you what they call a heavy sleeper? Do you normally snore louder than the sound of your alarm clock just nothing seems to work! You’ve probably tried many different ways to wake yourself up in the morning but nothing seems to work! Maybe you need to get the sonic boom alarm clock to open your eyes in the morning. The sonic boom alarm clock will be loud enough to make you think a nuclear meltdown is happening in your very own bedroom. Hopefully it won’t cause post traumatic stress so you can sleep the next night.

3. Mr. Radio Clock
Don’t dare call this thing a radio clock. It’s Mr. Radio Clock to you! This is basically every nerds dream and it has over 30 different ways to wake you up in the morning. Just depends on your style. He can be smooth and wake you up gently. Or he can YELL at you like a drill sergeant. It just depends on the day. If you thought that might have already been slightly strange enough, he also can tell fortunes, can wink at you and tell you the time

2. Voice Recognizing Clock
Hey everyone, meet Nobby. This one eyed alien can do quite a bit for you if you give him a chance! Don’t judge him by his appearance! Just because he’s blue and an alien, doesn’t mean he’s not happy. You can have a conversation with him, and he’ll even tell you you’re pretty! For the girls out there, that’s already more than what men are capable of. After spending a little time with this one eyed monster, we’re sure you won’t mind waking up to him each and every day!

1.Money Shredding Alarm Clock
We all know time is money and by sleeping the day away you’re basically telling yourself, hey i despise money and everything it stands for. Although this might seem like a way to rise up against the man, it really isn’t too practical if you want to live a good life. If you put a real

Why Having Big Boobs Sucks! | Hannah Witton

I have big boobs and here are a bunch of reasons as to why they suck.
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I filmed this video before I realised how much weight I’d actually gained. I am not a size 8-10 anymore haha.

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Annoying Customers

Here’s part two of the subway stories. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! I want to read them!

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Rescuing the world’s most annoying cat

Links to the videos from when we rescued him:

This is our cat Poki. We found Poki about a year ago. What a year it’s been.

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Wake Up Experiment Day 13: 31 Alarm clocks

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Today we test the most classic of all wake ups, the alarm clock. In our experiment, however, we use 31 alarm clocks for increased effect. Strategically placed around the guinea pig’s room, they provide for an effective wake up. The guinea pig, however, is clearly annoyed, stressed out, and agitated.