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Air Coolers vs Liquid Coolers – What You Need to Know

Planning your first PC build and not sure if you should opt for an Air or Liquid CPU cooler? In this video I explain the whole gamut of considerations for both sides in respect to cost, compatibility, acoustics, reliability and performance.

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Ultimate Ice Challenge, 40-60Q Coolers, Including Yeti, K2, Engel, Grizzly, Orion, Pelican, Orca

The most in depth cooler comparison video yet by

Quick Notes:
-All Coolers Pre-Chilled 24 Hours
-All Ice Came From Same Source On Same Day
-Coolers Were Rotated Throughout Test To Give Fair Sunlight Exposure
-Coolers Were Opened 3 Times A Day To Simulate Actual Use
– Ice Capacity Listed In Video

After the success of our Five Day Ice Challenge, we set to level the field by narrowing the size range of coolers. In this test we match up coolers between 40 and 60 Quart. All coolers were pre-chilled 24 hours, topped back up with ice and 5 bottles of water. All ice was purchased at the same time from the same ice house. We weighed the coolers before and after to give an idea of just how much ice each cooler was holding.

Coolers Tested:
Orca 58:
Engel Deep Blue 50:
K2 Summit 50:
Orion 45:
Yeti Tundra 45:
Pelican ProGear Elite 45:
Grizzly White 40Q:
Igloo Sportsman 40Q:
Black Rock Coolers 52Q:
Grizzly Tan 40Q:
Pelican Tailgating Coolers 55Q:
Siberian Coolers 40Q:

Coolers – Niebieskich oczu blask

Najnowszy clip “Twoich niebieskich oczu blask”
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Coolers feat. Skiba – Aty aty! (Official Video 2015)

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