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Can DIY Light Up RAINBOW Bounce Balls actually bounce?

Can DIY Light Up RAINBOW Bounce Balls actually bounce? We took Light Up RAINBOW Bounce Balls by the Orb Factory for a try from the beginning to the end – we followed the instructions and created something that can blink, but can it actually jump?

Today we have Pulsar Powerballs! It looks like we got Powerballs we can make and bounce and i think it lights up too. This looks easy! Do we have to put it in the water? Yes we do.

We got a Powerball sparkly light for inside the ball. When ever you hit it on the surface. it will light up Or on the ground.

One big ball and one small ball mold
Eight bags of colorful crystals
Three resealable storage bags
and we are finished!

What did you think of the ball that we made?

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LED Soft Spike Air Bounce Balls

Whether you’re a playful child, or an adult kid at heart, LED Soft Spike Air Bounce Balls are a good time! More lightweight than other bounce balls due to no water inside, LED Spike Bounce Balls save you money on shipping + entertain your party people to no end; fits inside party favor bags. LED Soft Spike Air Bounce Balls are quality light toys!

To activate your assorted color LED Spike Balls, bounce it. The multicolor lights inside are impact activated.

Bounce Balls-Hearth Song Exclusive

Purchase Product At:

Bump with the stars—or feel like you are! The fun begins the minute kids step inside our colorful, confetti-filled Bright Lights BBOP (Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play) ball—and skyrockets when they start bumping their chums (nanoseconds later). The more kids run and bump, the more the balls’ motion-activated LEDs and colorful foil confetti light up like starbursts! Keeps kids on the move and laughter on a roll (available in Blue and Red). Use our Electric Pump for quick, easy inflation and deflation. Adult supervision recommended.

• Step inside this colorful, confetti-filled play ball
• Bump kids inside other BBOPs
The more kids bump, the more the motion-activated LEDs blaze
• Keeps kids active and laughing
Adult supervision recommended
• Use our Electric Pump for easy inflation and deflation.

For kids ages 6 and up.

Available Styles

36″ diam.

Youtube. Sampion Bouglione 7 Bounce Balls 360°

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Twinkle twinkle little star + Bounce Balls Indoor Playground | Nursery Rhymes for Children

Twinkle twinkle little star + Bounce Balls Indoor Playground | Nursery Rhymes for Children

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Lightning Mcqueen Disney Cars toys for kids vs Marvel Spiderman Car help Hot Wheels

Spiderman Vs T-REX to save Frozen Elsa! Dinosaur toys Movie for kids – Xavi ABCKids

ABC Song Alphabet Song Kindergarten – Nursery Rhymes Cars helicopters carouse horse riding trains

Indoor playground for preschoolers, Family fun and Kids at Tini world

T-Rex vs Cars t-rex dinosaur Color Learning video for kids tyrannosaurus rex vs Lightning Mcqueen

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Cute spiderman kids and children playing shoveling toy sand at the sandbox playground

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Kinder eggs

Xavi loves Toys. Xavi learns ACB, Color and Numbers. Toys Review for kids by Xavi ABCKids! Join Xavi to see him play with toys and review toys for kids! He loves Balls, Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Doll, Color Balls, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, Clay Model, monster trucks, minions, playground, toys land, Slides, family fun adventure and so much more! Xavi will also love doing fun and easy science experiments for kids!

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Ctjuggles’ Practice Challenge – 3 Bounce Balls

Thanks again to Chris Taibbi for posting the original challenge!

Goal: Nail as many tricks as possible in 5 minutes, with a juggling prop and number which is ‘fairly challenging’. 3 drops on one trick and you’re out.

Result: 25 tricks within the time limit. After filming this I realised I could have easily done a 2 stage 720, or even 3 stage 1080. Never mind.

I’m using Oddballs bounce balls in this video. I chose blue because… I felt like it.

On an unrelated note – I flashed 7 balls for the first time today! Woohoo!

‘Analog Plan–


Featured in UK and Ireland!! – 31 July 08

Many thanks to the YouTube Video Featuring Fairy for featuring this. Who actually decides which videos get featured anyway? Hmm, it’s a mystery I suppose. Either that or I’m just uninformed about these things.

25 July 08:
#62 – Most Discussed (Today) – Sport – United Kingdom

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2 August 08:
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Goo Hu Super Bounce Balls from RoseArt

See the full review, the updated price and where it’s available to buy at

Goo Hu is part science experiment and part bouncing toy. Each Goo Hu kit comes with two silicone-based modeling compounds. When kept apart, the compounds remain gooey, but once combined, the compounds turn into a rubbery, bouncy, and flexible form that won’t shrink, crack, break, or lose its bounce.

The Super Bounce Balls kit makes five bouncy balls and comes with three mini figures to put inside the balls. It comes with two molds for making either a Hex Ball with a hexagon pattern and texture or an Atom Ball with a rounded pattern and texture. The directions are slightly different depending on which mold you use, but the basic idea is to combine one A-Matter pod with one B-Matter pod. Knead them together for at least two minutes or until they are fully mixed. Press the matter into each half of the mold and add a mini figure if you want, then press the two mold halves together. Immediately peel away any excess Goo Hu. Let the mold set for 10-15 minutes. Open the mold and remove the bouncy ball.

The kit includes five A-matter pods, five B-matter pods, three mini character figures, two molds, and an instruction sheet. There are two versions available: a boy-themed kit and a girl-themed kit. Each is sold separately.

Smyths Toys – NERO Sport High Bounce Balls

The NERO Sports series bouncing balls comes in a 9cm diameter of assorted sports balls shapes – Basketball, Soccer ball, Tennis ball and Baseball, with a close to real texture. It’s an ideal alternative to train kids with the real sports balls.