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Luka Doncic sets career-high in scoring!

Teenage superstar Luka Doncic showcased his brilliance by leading Real Madrid to a 74-88 road win over Anadolu Efes Istanbul to open the new season and setting his career-high in scoring with 27 points.

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About Euroleague Basketball
A global leader in sports management, Euroleague Basketball develops and organizes elite competitions, sporting events, corporate social responsibility programs and educational initiatives. Founded in 2000 under a breakthrough private organizational model for European professional team sports, Euroleague Basketball manages the continent’s two premier men’s basketball competitions, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup, as well the sport’s premier under-18 showcase, the EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL ADIDAS NEXT GENERATION TOURNAMENT. Both the men’s and junior European champions are crowned each spring at world basketball’s signature weekend event, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four. For aspirants to careers in sports management, the Euroleague Basketball Institute offers the expertise of industry leaders through seminars, clinics, summits and a certified master’s degree program. Most recently, Euroleague Basketball launched the ground-breaking corporate social responsibility program One Team which unites all of its clubs and uses basketball to achieve real social impact in our communities. Since its founding in 2012, the One Team programme has reached already directly and indirectly 14000 participants through its various team projects.

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WALK THE MOON – Headphones

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Explore cave paintings in this 360° animated cave – Iseult Gillespie

How to view this TED-Ed animated 360° video:

If you have access to a Google Cardboard viewer and a smart phone:

1. Open this video in the YouTube app on your phone.
2. Hit pause on the video.
3. Tap the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner of the view window. This will slide up a sub-menu where you will choose the quality setting of your video stream. Choose “2160s.” Note that if you are not streaming over Wifi, YouTube will only allow “720s” quality.
4. Tap on the “Cardboard viewer” icon on the bottom row of the video window (it looks like a mask). This will present the video full screen in prep for the Cardboard viewer.
5. The screen is now divided into 2 halves, separated by a thin white line that runs halfway up the screen. Make sure to rotate your phone so that this thin line is coming from the bottom of the screen. This ensures proper stereoscopic depth.
6. Insert your phone into the Cardboard viewer and press play. The video will begin. Enjoy!

If you do not have access to a Cardboard or smart phone:

1. You can watch on your browser. Use your mouse to drag and explore the space above, below, and behind you. Enjoy!

View full lesson:

The paintings of our ancestors have been preserved in caves all over the world; the oldest we’ve found were made up to 40,000 years ago. What do these images tell us about the ancient human mind and the lives of their creators? In this special 360° TED-Ed animation, explore an ancient cave and its surroundings as Iseult Gillespie shares a brief history of cave paintings.

Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Lippy.

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Ryan Mehendale, Mary Sawyer, Katie Winchester, Michel Reyes, Dominik Kugelmann, Siamak H, Stephen A. Wilson, Dwight Tevuk, Manav Parmar, Jhiya Brooks, David Lucsanyi, Querida Owens, Fiona Prince, Scott Gass, Anthony Kudolo, Nicole Heang, Mrinalini, Yanuar Ashari, Antero Semi, Ivan Todorović.

Sphere Treehouses in Canada

The Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver is a treehouse resort in the woods.

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Finally a video using FENTY BEAUTY…HOLIDAY! I was traveling when Fenty Beauty launched and didn’t have time to play with it until now! I have my extra special model @AndelLara that I met on Social Media! She such Rihanna vibes and a RIRI-esque look!

I am also so happy I get to show you how I get this Rihanna Fenty Beauty inspired look using her new GALAXY COLLECTION!

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MODEL Andele Lara

HAIR by Makeba Lindsay

Director Peter

Producer Fabian

Edited by ME


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Los Angeles, CA 90064-2109


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Sweet Virginia – Official Trailer l HD l IFC Films

Opening in theaters and VOD November 17th

Directed by: Jamie M. Dagg
Starring: Jon Bernthal, Christopher Abbott, Imogen Poots & Rosemarie DeWitt

A mysterious stranger sends shockwaves through a close-knit community in this nerve-jangling slice of raw suspense. In the wake of a triple murder that leaves the residents of a remote Alaskan outpost on edge, tightly wound drifter Elwood (Christopher Abbott) checks into a motel run by Sam (Jon Bernthal), a former rodeo champion whose imposing physical presence conceals a troubled soul. Bound together by their outsider status, the two men strike up an uneasy friendship—a dangerous association that will set off a new wave of violence and unleash Sam’s darkest demons. Driven by tour de force performances from Christopher Abbott and Jon Bernthal, this precision crafted thriller pulses with an air of quivering dread. With Imogen Poots and Rosemarie Dewitt.

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Tom Walker – Leave a Light On (Official Video)

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The second someone mentioned you were all alone
I could feel the trouble coursing through your veins
Now I know, It’s got a hold
Just a phone call left unanswered had me sparking up
These cigarettes wont stop me wondering where you are
Don’t let go
Keep a hold

If you look into the distance there’s a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse
its a place where you’ll be safe to feel our grace
Cause we’ve all made mistakes, if you’ve lost your way

And I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on

Tell me what’s been happening
What’s been on your mind?
Lately you’ve been searching for a darker place to hide
That’s alright
But if you carry on abusing you’ll be robbed from us
I refuse to lose another friend to drugs
Just come home
Don’t let go

If you look into the distance there’s a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse
its a place where you’ll be safe to feel our grace
Cause we’ve all made mistakes, If you’ve lost your way

I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on

If you look into the distance there’s a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse
It’s a place where you’ll be safe to feel our grace
And if you’ve lost you way, if you’ve lost your way

And I know your down and out now but I need you to be brave
Hiding from the truth ain’t going to make this all okay
I feel your pain; if you don’t feel our grace then you’ve lost your way

And I will leave a light on
I will leave a light on
Cause I will leave a light on

Star Wars Rebels Recap: Seasons 1-3

Get up to speed on the story of Star Wars Rebels with this recap of the series from seasons 1-3.

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