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Zapowiedź I Podkarpackich Targów Motoryzacyjnych Automotive 2017 oraz Drift Art / Projekt86

Projekt podczas swojego #trip86 odwiedził również Rzeszów, zapowiadając przy okazji I Podkarpackie Targi Motoryzacyjne AUTOMOTIVE 2017 oraz Drift Art (28.05.2017).

Sicko Mobb – Fiesta ft. A$AP Ferg (Eric Dingus Remix)
BACKWHEN & EuroWave – Starlite

Lemonade Studio /

Painting Basics & Techniques – Part 1 of 2 with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood


– HVLP Paint Gun – Eastwood Evolution –
Item #12776 Evolution
Advanced engineering in our Evolution™ HVLP Paint Gun is just 1 reason it’s your next “must-have” spray gun…it’s also lightweight, ergonomic, and sprays beautifully! The Eastwood-engineered Evolution™ HVLP Paint Gun is a uniquely versatile, gravity-feed paint gun that performs and feels like no other paint gun. Start with an air cap and nozzle designed to generate superior atomization, resulting in a finish you’d normally expect from more expensive, higher-end, professional guns.
Paint longer with less fatigue! High-tech, ergonomic composite body is precision-balanced and lightweight
Save set-up time! Indicators on the air/paint adjustment knobs let you revert back to your favorite settings
Latest spray atomization technology and HVLP transfer efficiency
Includes 1.4mm nozzle and needle (other sizes available)
Built to last, even in professional environments
Available in multiple configurations featured below.

– Eastwood Concours HVLP Paint Gun 1.2 and 1.4 tips –
Item #51603
Concours Paint Gun with 2 tips sprays-on a “show-car” finish…yet it’s powered by your home compressor with only 4 cfm @ 29 psi! Why buy an expensive pro paint gun when Eastwood’s full-size HVLP Concours Paint Gun has the same impressive features and 2 tips, at a fraction of the cost? And your home compressor provides all the air power you’ll need (4 cfm @ 29 psi) to work with this Concours paint gun.
Includes 2 stainless steel needle/nozzle/air caps (1.2 and 1.4mm)
Anodized adjustment knobs and air cap ring
Lightweight, satin-finished aluminum body
Compatible with most home-shop compressors
Backed by Eastwood’s 10-year limited warranty

– Eastwood Aerosol-Injected Cleaner & Lubricator –
Item #12846z
Eastwood’s award-winning Aerosol-Injected System directs a focused blast of cleaner or lubricant to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach places Our Aerosol-Injected Clean/Lube System was the 2011 Winner of Popular Mechanic’s™ Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for Product Innovation and Design! One of the key reasons was the engineered taper of each can’s nozzle that creates a tight seal to force the cleaner or lubricant deep into the tool or tubing, without blowback.
Choose below from the Cleaner or the Lubricator…or both!
360-degree valves even spray upside down!
Ideal for cleaning or lubricating anything around the car, shop and home
Buy both and SAVE over individual prices!

– SAS Bandit Respirator –
Item #11455
The Bandit dual-cartridge respirator is ideal for painting, rust proofing, air-brushing and general maintenance projects. It is NIOSH N95 and OSHA approved and can be used in a professional environment such as a body shop. The half-mask is constructed of soft thermoplastic polymer for maximum comfort and a tight facial seal. The head strap is easily adjustable and ensures a secure snug fit around the top and bottom of your head. The filters are positioned for optimum vision and balance and have a life span of about 50 hours (conditions breathing rate and usage will affect filter life).

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Since 1978, Eastwood has been supplying products to people who want to do the job right. Eastwood offers a complete line of hand tools, welders, plasma cutters & accessories, metal working tools, powder coating supplies, paint and paint guns, specialty paints and hard to find products – all for the DIY-er. Eastwood has all the tools and supplies you need to restore your car, motorcycle or truck.

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6 Most Forgotten Supercars in Automotive History

This video features 6 Most Forgotten Supercars in Automotive History . If you wanna see 6 Most Forgotten Supercars in Automotive History watch this video and hit the like button.

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Best Way To Stay Motivated On Automotive Projects

Here is just a quick video on one of the best ways I have found to stay motivated on Automotive projects. I hope you dig this small piece of advice. Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

What I Use To Film:
Canon G7x –
Canon 70d w/ 18-55 STM Lens –
Canon 10-18 STM Lens –
Rode VideoMic Pro –
SunPak Tripod –
Camera Slider –
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate –
Fluid Head Tripod –
Camera Lights –

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Rohana Wheels Rotary Forged RF Series The Race is On Automotive Short Film | Lambo Vs GTR

Rohana Wheels Rotary Forged RFX Series The Race is On Short Film Lamborghini Vs Nissan GTR

Something new from Rohana Wheels for the unveiling of our Rotary Forged RFX Series.

Enjoy our Short film “The Race is on” featuring a Lamborghini Squadra Corse on our All-New Rotary Forged RFX7 wheels in gloss black and a wicked Nissan GTR on our new Rotary Forged RFX10 wheels in gloss black.

The RFX Series Wheels are the latest products in our line to be created by our Rotary Forged manufacturing process.

This technique employs 3 hydraulic rollers, with pressure and heat, to stretch the barrel of the wheel to the specified diameter.

While the wheel spins, the rollers stretch and compress the alloy, enhancing overall structural rigidity and durability of the wheel.

This method of wheel manufacturing results in a dramatic reduction in weight in a uniform and natural manner.

Rohana Wheels Rotary Forged RF Series
Rohana Wheels Rotary Forged RFX Series

Rotary Forged RF Series
Rotary Forged RFX Series
Forged RFX Series
Forged RF Series
RFX Series
RF Series
Lamborghini Squadra Corse
Nissan GTR Widebody
Lamborghini Vs Nissan GTR
Rohana Wheels
Rohana Wheels Short Film
Rohana Film
The Race is On Short Film
Rotary Forged Wheels



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What is Android Automotive?

Android Automotive is Google’s latest entry into the automotive world – a stock android OS for your car’s in-dash infotainment system.


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TSP #90 – Tutorial, Experiments & Teardown of a 77GHz Automotive FMCW Radar Module

In this episode Shahriar explores the principle operation of automotive FMCW radars. Thanks to a donated automotive radar module, various components of the system can be examined and explored. The PCB reveals three die-on-PCB ASICs responsible for generating and receiving 77GHz FMCW signals coupled to a 2D array of antennas. Several microwave components such as rat-race couplers and branchline couplers can also be observed. PCB rulers from SV1AFN Design Lab (link below) also show these microwave components at much lower frequencies. Two other ICs are used for ramp generation and PLL as well as a multi-input LNA/PGA/AAF with 12-bit ADC for IF processing. All components are examined under the microscope and the frequency of operation is calculated by measuring the branchline coupler’s dimensions.

Finally a simple Doppler effect radar is constructed by using a doubler, power divider, mixer and a pair of Vivaldi horn antennas. The Doppler effect can be observed by moving an object in front of the antenna pair.

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The Signal Path


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Billy Elliot (8/12) Movie CLIP – Give the Boy a Chance! (2000) HD

Billy Elliot movie clips:

Finally believing in his son’s talent, Billy’s father (Gary Lewis) returns to work at the mine to help Billy realize his dream. Billy’s brother (Jamie Draven) however, is against his going back because of the strike.

Brassed Off meets My Name Is Joe in this gritty coming-of-age drama about a young son of a poor English coal miner who dreams of being a ballet dancer. The film is set during a 1984 miners’ strike in Durham county, where angry clashes between picketers and cops in riot gear are nearly daily occurrences. Among the most vociferous protestors are Tony (Jamie Driven) and his dad (Gary Lewis), who nags his youngest son Billy (Jamie Bell) into taking boxing classes. Though the kid can do some fancy footwork, he can’t take a punch. One day at the gym, he notices a ballet class taught by hard-bitten Mrs. Wilkinson (Julie Walters), whose young daughter dares him to join. When his father gets wind of this less-than-manly pursuit, he pulls him from the class. Sensing a raw and natural talent, Mrs. Wilkinson offers to teach the lad for free in preparation for the local auditions to the Royal Ballet School. When Tony gets in trouble with the cops, Billy is forced to miss the trials, leading to a confrontation between Billy’s pop and Ms. Wilkinson. Though at first he steadfastly refuses to consider his son’s desires of going into ballet, he comes to realize that this might be the one shot that Billy has in order to escape the danger and grinding tedium of a miner’s life, so he sets out to earn the money by any means necessary to send his son to London. This film is the directorial debut of renowned British stage director Stephen Daldry.

TM & © Universal (2000)
Cast: Jamie Draven, Gary Lewis
Director: Stephen Daldry
Producers: Greg Brenman, Tori Parry, Tessa Ross, David M. Thompson, Natascha Wharton, Jonathan Finn
Screenwriter: Lee Hall

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Rep. Schiff Discusses Jared Kushner, Leaks and Committee Investigation on ABC This Week

On Sunday, May 28, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), joined Martha Raddatz on ABC This Week to discuss the allegations made about Jared Kushner, leaks of classified information, and the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the election.